For over four decades, Allegheny Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (AHRCO) has provided property management services to a variety of affordable multifamily properties in Pennsylvania. AHRCO's experience, integrity and reliability distinguish our company from the competition.

Milton Washington, Owner (1972-2016)


Approach designed to maximize satisfaction.


Each unit is supported by a community office conveniently located either on the property site or within the neighborhood.

Offices are staffed by professionals with subsidized housing training and experience to address resident questions, concerns and needs.

Each site office employs full-time maintenance technicians and offers a 24-hour emergency maintenance service to provide prompt attention to maintenance needs.

Additional site support is provided at the corporate level by our management and accounting teams. These teams maintain daily contact with site offices as well as manage the operating and capital budget process and ongoing capital improvement projects.

 AHRCO’s Mission

Efficiently and effectively manage properties for community-based non-profit, government and for-profit owners

Strategically acquire, construct and rehabilitate housing for sale and rent to low-and moderate-income families

Create employment opportunities for small businesses and identify, train and engage residents in the community.


In the Community, For the Community


Artwork by Vanessa German.


Community Involvement

Vanessa German transformed a Homewood property into a dedicated community art space. This project began as an informal partnership between German and Ahrco and was originally housed in an Ahrco home. Today, The Art House serves as a beacon in the neighborhood – a safe space for children to explore and create.

Ahrco has partnered with Partner4Work to find and develop talent in the construction, maintenance, landscaping and painting industries. This partnership has allowed Ahrco to offer employee opportunities to learn, reinforce and improve skill sets, leading to stronger teams and personal growth opportunities.

A Great Community Starts with a Conversation.
— CEO Lara Washington

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